Non-incendive Rotary Position Monitors NEC


Accutrak 9468 series are fully integrated and encapsulated rotary valve position monitors that are agency certified as non-incendive.


Categories : Westlock


Features & Benefits:

  • Magnum switches with rhodium contacts for use with low power I/O’s for longer contact life.
  • MagPAC bifurcated switch pack provides reliable action for low power and non- resistive loads.
  • MagPAC LEDs provide clear status indication of limit switch and solenoid, where applicable.
  • Strong, durable Beacon offers 360° visual indication available in a choice of styles and colors.
  • Touch set cams are hand adjustable, spring loaded and self-locking providing quick calibration of position sensors.
  • Terminal strips are pre-wired and numbered with generous working space for ease of use.
  • Additional conduit for easy field wiring and mounting accessories as standard.
  • Analog position transmitter option.
  • Standardized mounting pattern for easy adaptation to common bracketry.
  • Robust stainless steel conduit entry inserts provide protection from excessive torque and reliable grounding.
  • NAMUR shaft output compliant to VDI/ VDE 3845 available.
  • Engineered resin enclosure is robust yet lightweight; allows broad operating temperatures and provides exceptional chemical, UV and impact resistance.
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