El-O-Matic EL-O-MATIC Spring Return or Double Acting Rotary Valve Actuators are compact, simply designed control devices quality engineered to provide high torque outputs (to 40,000 in. lb..) and a high cycle, trouble-free life. A compact, dual opposed rack and pinion design and guide band suspension system combine to produce a symmetrically balanced, center mount actuator with a short powerful stroke, rapid response, and fully concentric operating load capability for optimum performance. Available manual override, the fully integrated PosiFlex™ valve positioning system, limit switches, and solenoid valves provide complete control and monitoring capability.


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EL-O-Matic E and P-Series pneumatic actuators are designed to be reliable, quality products, continuously providing optimum performance under all circumstances. This makes them safe, easy to install, and virtually maintenance free. Furthermore, the compact rack and pinion construction means that actuators are lightweight and occupy a minimum of space.

E-Series actuators offer a wide temperature range. Standard actuators are specified for
-20°C to +80°C (-4°F to 176°F). Optional temperature versions are also available:

  • High temperature: -20°C to +120°C (-4°F to +248°F)
  • Low temperature:  -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F)

The double-acting and spring-return E-Series actuators can be operated with a wide range of most common supply pressures:

  • Double acting: 0.2 to 8 Barg (3 to 120 Psig)
  • Spring return: 3 to 8 Barg (43.5 to 120 Psig)

Key Features

  • Pair with ball, butterfly, plug valves, and quarter-turn rotating mechanisms.
  • Standards: ISO 5211 for the valve interface (with an option for DIN 3337). VDI/VDE 3845 (NAMUR) for air connection interface (solenoid valve) and top mount interface (switch box or positioner).
  • Torque Range:  Choice of 13 sizes with a torque range from 12 Nm to 4000 Nm (106 lbf.in to 36,474 lbf.in).
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