General Purpose Visual Position and Flow Path Monitor


Highly visual position and flow path monitoring for actuated valves, gear operators, dampers and three-way control assemblies. The Beacon provides single, visual position monitoring.


Categories : Westlock


Features & Benefits:

  • Manufactured from high impact strength, corrosion and UV resistant clear co-polyester.
  • Helps increase safety for plant personnel.
  • Offers instant visual recognition of valve position from all vantage points up to 150 feet (50 metres).
  • 360° color coding for maximum visual impact.
  • Totally enclosed instrument devoid of any external moving parts
  • Provides a true measure of valve performance.
  • Monitors valve position while visually displaying flow path.
  • Eliminates guesswork and reduces costs at system start-up.
  • Offers positive mechanical monitoring of multiport control valves.
  • Unaffected by a broad range of chemical reagents.
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